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PASTELEOffering all of our favorite dishes from our catering
as well as some family favorites that we’ve been holding
out on you.

Have It For Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner! Its all a winner!


Pastele Hawaii makes all of our tasty pasteles by hand.

Each week we spend hours preparing the freshest ingredients possible to bring you the best, freshest and tastiest pasteles in Hawaii.

Pasteles are available in original pork only. Each pastele comes with a complimentary serving of love at no additional charge.

We have had so many requests for our pasteles that we have now expanded our line.  From pastele stew, gondule rice, Twice Cooked Hawaiian Spare Ribs, Paniolo Baked Beans to our ono ono pork pasteles.  Our island cuisine is extremely popular for graduation parties, birthdays, baby showers or any gathering among friends and family. We’ve even catered funerals and wedding receptions! Our chefs cater to the local taste buds, so all our grinds are ONO.  Contact us for a free party consultation.  Mahalo Hawaii.


Our pastele started out long ago from a family recipe handed down through the years. Along the way, we have added our own touches to the recipe to get it JUST RIGHT! Now, they are a family favorite that we hope will be a favorite of your family as well.

We start out with green bananas, which we grate by hand. From there we add our special homemade achiote flavored oil. To this we add our masterfully prepared pork along with our family’s secret blend of spices and flavor. From there, we hand wrap each pastele in a prepared Hawaiian ti leaf and cover it in a protective blanket of aluminum foil to seal in all the flavors and juices. Once that’s done, its cooked to perfection and awaits delivery to your family. Our mission is that our mouthwatering pasteles bring your family as much joy eating it, as it does to us making it.

Available in:
Pork $3 Each
Pasteles are sold in bags of 10
Made in Medium unless Hot or Mild specified


Pastele Stew

Our pastele stew is similar to our wrapped pasteles but in a delicious, thick, stew-like form.  This recipe has been handed down through the years and along the way we have added our own special touches to get it “Just Right.”

We start with hand prepared grated bananas, our flavorful homemade achiote flavored oil and the delicious fillings and spices of our pastele. 

Paired with our flavorful gondule rice, our pastele stew is a hearty dish that not only warms your body but also warms your soul.

Pastele Stew is available in:
Pork Only
1/2 Pan feeds 10-12 $30
Large Full Pan (Triple order!) feeds 25-35 $80   *Most Popular!


Gondule Rice

What starts out as bland white rice kernels are soon transformed into a flavorful and delicious mound of goodness.

We infuse our gondule rice with our family’s special blend of spices and our homemade achiote oil. We combine this with a mixture of gondule beans, pork and love then cook it till  it is full of flavor with an essence of Puerto Rico.

Gondule Rice:

1/2 Pan feeds 10-12 $18
Large Full Pan (Triple order!) feeds 25-35 $40   *Most Popular!


Twice Cooked Hawaiian Spare Ribs

Not being satisfied with regular spare ribs like everyone else, we set out to come up with the most delicious, most tender burst of island flavor that you have licked off your fingers. First stop was working our magic by creating a sauce that would deserve to be served to our customers. We started with creating a rich and flavorful homemade smoked guava bbq sauce that we simmered for hours. This brought out the smokey flavor and combined together the spices and rich island flavors that we searched for.

Next we focused on the ribs. We decided that we couldn’t put such a delicious sauce on just any old hunk of meat. So we twice cook our spare ribs. The first time we cook it, we give it a fall off the bone softness, that just make it melt in your mouth. And then the second time, now covered in our smoked guava bbq sauce, infuses our ribs with the flavors of our island home right down to the bone. Once its finished, we sprinkle it with sesame seeds and Hawaiian sea salt. “Trust and believe”, as my Tutu would say, “Ono, Ono, Ono!”

Twice Cooked Hawaiian Spare Ribs:
1/2 Pan (Approx 15 Medium Size Ribs) $30


Paniolo BBQ Beans

Our Paniolo Bbq Beans are an island legend. We first got a taste of these a long time ago on an island ranch.  We finally managed to “rustle” the ranch’s secret recipe away from an old Paniolo cook and now we share our favorite ranch dinner memory with you.  Made with the freshest ingredients we can find, these smokey little morsels melt in your mouth, and then “broke da mouth”. With brown sugar, smoke flavoring, and real pieces of thick, flavorful bacon, it’s like dinner time all over again at that old ranch. Share them with your closest Paniolo friends at home, or take them on the road to your next get together. They truly will be the hit of any party.

Paniolo BBQ Beans:

1/2 Pan feeds 10-12 $25
Large Full Pan (Triple order!) feeds 25-35 $60   *Most Popular!
Please specify  mild, medium or Pele fire


Braddah Maleko’s Pulled Pork Sandwich

Braddah Maleko’s pulled pork sandwich isn’t just another kalua’d pig in a bun. This monster sandwich that feeds up to 6, starts out with a 10 inch diameter golden sweet bun. Then we pile it high with over 2lbs of Braddah Maleko’s gently seasoned, bbq kalua pork that’s been slow roasted for over 24 hours in a delicious sweet Maui onion reduction and Maleko’s famously delicious bbq sauce.  We add a little crisp and sweetness with sliced pickles that rounds out the flavors perfectly. And in the end, you get a soft, delicious sandwich that is truly one of our family’s fast food favorites. Combine this with our Island Potato Mac Salad and our Twice Cooked Hawaiian Spare Ribs for the perfect beach picnic with no work.

Braddah Maleko’s Pulled Pork Sandwich:
Serves 6 $24


Pastele Lumpias

What could be better than our freshly made pastele? Try our mouth-watering Pastele Lumpias. A favorite of our Boo Boo, these wonderful appetizers are a great change from your standard pupu platter fare. These are always on the menu at our house for dinner parties or casual get-togethers.  These lumpias start with our delicious pastele filling, and then get wrapped in a lumpia wrapper and deep fried to a crisp for a unique Filipino twist that will leave you craving for more. Dip it into our mildly spicy pineapple guava Island Chili Sauce for a uniquely tasty combination of flavors that you can’t get anywhere else.

Order these freshly cooked, fresh to fry yourself or frozen for anytime the cravings hit you. Fresh to Fry and Frozen lumpias come with cooking instructions so you can serve them fresh, crispy and hot for your guests or yourself!

CAUTION! Pastele Lumpias have been known to cause a sudden increase in visits by friends & family members and spontaneous festivities!

Pastele Lumpias:
One dozen large pastele lumpia with Island Chili Sauce: $18


Island Potato Mac Salad

Our summer beach day get togethers always include the main things: Friends, cold drinks and our famous Island Potato Mac Salad. We start with preparing our famous lilikoi infused crispy smoked bacon. From there, we gently mix together potatoes, eggs, and macaroni into our secret sauce. We then add our lilikoi infused smoked bacon and our special blend of spices and flavors to the mix. And finish it off by sharing it with our friends and family. Add our Island Potato Mac Salad to your order today and enjoy the feeling of an endless island summer at your next meal.

Island Potato Mac Salad 

1/2 Pan feeds 10-12 $20
Large Full Pan (Triple order!) feeds 25-35 $55   *Most Popular!


Mean Green Beans

These Mean Green Beans are one of our boys’ favorite dishes. We take fresh green beans and sauté them with fresh garlic. Next we add in just the right amount of jalapenos for some heat. Then we add in one of our favorite ingredients: thick sliced bacon chunks! Then we add Aunty Leilani’s special gravy and cook it to perfection. So onolicious you wont be able to stop eating them. Put your order in right now before its all gone!

Mean Green Beans

1/2 Pan feeds 10-12 $20
Large Full Pan (Triple order!) feeds 25-35 $55   *Most Popular!


Tutu’s Tapioca

One of our fondest memories has always been of having dinner at Tutu’s house on a Sunday night. We always knew that at the end of the meal, she would bring out her special tapioca pudding. It was creamy, full of flavor and always hit the spot.

We follow Tutu’s original recipe: Start with real cream, add sugar, fresh pineapples, and grated coconut. Then whip it up with a big helping of love and care. Serve with aloha to your loved ones. End your meal with Tutu’s tapioca and create your own memories to cherish.


Tutu’s Tapioca:

1/2 Pan feeds 10-12 $18
Large Full Pan (Triple order!) feeds 25-35 $48   


Pressed for time? Cant figure out what to make for dinner? Order our Dinner For Eight special!
Dinner For Eight:
$59.00 (Delivered to you on Oahu)

 1/2 Pan of Gondule Rice
 1/2 Pan Pastele Stew
8 Pasteles (Fresh or Frozen)

We’ll even deliver in a 20 mile radius of Honolulu for any order over $100.00


Is Dinner for Eight not enough? Throwing a party but no time to cook for all those people?
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